Lead The Refining Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry

For large organizations, embarking on digital transformations can be challenging during even the best of times. But the severe downturn in commodity prices over the past three years has made transformations for oil & gas (O&G) companies, in particular, more crucial and increasingly complex.


Optimize production, reduce downtime

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

The collection of locational and environmental data, system performance statistics, and more allows for real time outage alerts and increased outage prevention.

Integration and Data Processing

Integration and Data Processing

Ditch the data silos. Collect information from different data sources that are full of structured and unstructured data sets to create a single actionable data lake.

Production Optimisation

Production Optimisation

From a competitive standpoint, that oil and gas companies overcome the challenges in adopting AI and other emerging technologies, because the industry is facing challenges on many levels.

Increased Profitability

Increased Profitability

Battling low margins and high risk, petroleum enterprises need to reduce downtime, optimize operations, and stretch the value gained from every dollar of Capex and Opex invested.

Big Data and AI


Big Data and AI – Putting It All Together for Oil Refineries

Though already a highly automated and connected industry, oil and gas enterprises today continue to be challenged with a deluge of data from their instrumented assets. So how do companies turn that around to make this onslaught of information instrumental to operations?

Put AI to work in the Oil & Gas industry

If this was easy, everyone would be doing it already. To realize the promise of the Industrial IoT in the digital oilfield, you want an experienced guide. You need a trusted partner—an expert at navigating the deployment of the required data technologies to reach actionable results you can count on. The ChemTech team has a proven track record along the petroleum industry chain. From production optimization through midstream pipeline surveillance to artificial intelligence that supports downstream process valve profiling and predictive maintenance, our solutions tap into time series, machine learning, and data management technologies to positively impact operators’ bottom lines.


Big Data & Analytics – A Fresh Look at The Future of Business

It’s an increasingly high pressure environment in the oil and gas industry. Facing downward commodity prices unseen in decades, staying competitive in this environment is tougher than ever. All the while, they need make operations safer, often in some of the most rugged, far-flung work sites imaginable. The Industrial Internet of Things opens a route to unlocking hidden value and unprecedented productivity gains from the reservoir to the refinery. In real time.

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data Misconceptions

When the need to drive cost savings and increase value creation is contrasted by limited capacity for investment, innovation becomes more important. To thrive in both the current market conditions and the projected future low carbon economy, most O&G companies will need to transform their operating models, their infrastructure, and their people.

Webinar: Solving Tomorrow’s Data Challenges Today

Don’t wait on big data solutions with long implementation processes. Learn from our panel of experts about the potential big data and AI capabilities living beneath your existing data sets and processes.

Solving Data Challenges
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